Diya Chitale is an 19 years old table tennis prodigy, aspiring to win the 2024 Olympics Gold for India. Diya is currently studying for a degree in BBA. Diya started playing table tennis from the age of 8 . Table tennis is the second fastest game in the world and requires immense dedication and practice in order to be able to compete with the champions of the world. The International Table Tennis circuit is unforgiving. Players from countries like China, Korea, Japan, Germany and HongKong have historically produced players of the finest calibre.

Diya as a player

Diya is a young and enthusiastic rising star in the world of Table Tennis in India. The right-handed paddler with her aggressive style of playing takes most of her opponents aback, most of whom are much elder to her. Forehand drive is her forte and she executes that with both perfection and precision. TT being the second fastest game on the planet, the reaction time required in this game should be top notch not to mention the flexibility and physical fitness. Diya trains for 5-6 hours a day to make sure she has all the fitness that is required to compete not only with the National players but Internationally as well. Her hectic training module not only includes physical exercises to maintain her fitness but mental conditioning sessions as well to keep her temperament and focus under control. As time passes by she has learnt the art of strategizing the game and understanding the power of controlled aggression. Often, she travels to Germany to train and play league matches under the guidance of Mr. Peter Engel, her Specialized International Coach so that she gets a lot of match practice and International exposure which will help her tackle the International Players when she aims for the Gold at the Olympics 2024.

Diya as a daughter

There is always this special bond and layers of happiness that surrounds Diya in her relationship with her parents. “Diya is the most obedient child that I can ever imagine” says Diya’s Mom. Her parents have never had to force her to practice as she just loves to do it on her own. Diya says her parents are her best friends. Her mom accompanies her in each of her practice sessions which Diya feels is an additional motivation towards her goal.

Diya as a student

Being a thorough perfectionist Diya tries her level best to excel in each and everything that crosses her path. When it comes to academics, she is as good as she is with the game. For whatever time, she gets from her hectic training and practice matches she tries to give most of it to her studies. She makes sure she attends all her exams and does well too. Judging her talent at a very tender age of 8 her school Arya Vidya Mandir has supported Diya for separate sessions with teachers wherever / whenever needed and adjusting the dates of tests / exams as per Diya’s availability to ensure her learning is not compromised. In her absence because of the TT engagements her friends help her to get notes or collecting her worksheets be it on phone or in person.